Day-to-Day Detox

We are exposed to toxins every day in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the products we use, and the food we eat. Due to this constant exposure, we have approximately 200 synthetic industrial compounds that are interacting with our cells every single day. However, our body is beautifully designed to withstand and even adapt to this chemical burden. With some attention to our diet and everyday lifestyle choices, we can support the detoxification of toxicants and improve our health and the health of our planet.
The purpose of a Day-to-Day Detox is to make a conscious decision each day to minimize the number of toxins you are exposed to in your environment while at the same time supplying your body with specific phytonutrients to help improve the complex process of detoxification and elimination. Elimination diets and cleanses are fantastic ways to give your body a break from the processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar that we all tend to rely on in our busy lives, yet they typically only last 2 weeks or 30 days. To truly see a lasting change in your health, we believe in a making the best choices you can every day – not only in your diet, but also in the products you use and the environment you live in.
To find the best Day-to-Day Detox protocol for you, it is highly recommended that you become an established patient of mine. Once you go through an initial hour-long consultation with me, I will have a solid understanding of your health concerns and needs and will be able to design a daily program that is unique to you and your lifestyle. This way, you can be supported throughout the detox process and know that you are doing it safely and effectively. I have treated many patients who did a cleanse and actually became more ill because they were not fully addressing the entire detoxification process. For example, a purely raw juice cleanse does not include enough protein to support elimination of toxins in Phase II of detoxification. Moreover,  I have seen people spend tons of money on supplements that don’t sufficiently support the liver and other vital organs that serve to filter and eliminate toxins.
It’s time to look at detoxification as a lifestyle – not merely a once a year or seasonal occurrence. I truly believe you can take your health into your own hands (with a little guidance) and see remarkable changes in how you experience life!
I look forward to seeing you in our office.