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Unacceptable Levels: A Film about the Chemicals in our Bodies

Just stumbled upon the documentary Unacceptable Levels at the Natural Foods Expo West last weekend. It’s scheduled to be on tour this summer 2013. The only thing available at the moment is a brief preview that describes the premise of the movie, but I’m excited that someone is finally making this information more visible to the public. Basically, the filmmakers set out to have a discussion about the 80,000 chemicals in our system of commerce, and how they interact with our bodies on a cellular level. Did you know that over 200 synthetic industrial chemicals are influencing our cells everyday, and that newborns are often born with this many chemicals already in their system? It’s scary.

The consequence to us is that disease rates are on the rise, and we are seeing more chronic illness and co-morbidities in our population. And evidence seems to be placing the blame on our exposure to so many environmental toxins that we know little to nothing about. This film tries to find some of those answers.

I’ll keep you posted on when this film comes to Colorado, but in the meantime watch this short clip and take some time to explore their website.  It’s pretty informative…