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Take a Second Look at These Foods

Have you been told that fruit is bad for you or to avoid anything made of gluten? It turns out that when we take a second look at these and other foods, they are actually healthier than we originally thought.

First, let’s take a look at fruits. Fruit such as apples, oranges, etc. have been labeled as unhealthy because they contain sugar. However, the sugars contained in fruit are those already found in nature and fruit is an excellent source of fiber. Whereas highly processed foods such as candy contain artificial sugar, which can be unhealthy.

Another food that’s been targeted in the past? Eggs. The belief was that eggs contained a high amount of cholesterol, which is a problem if you are concerned about heart disease. Yet, it turns out the cholesterol found in the egg yolk is quite different from other kinds of cholesterol.  In fact, it has almost no impact on cholesterol levels found in our blood. Also, eggs pack a lot of protein as well as vitamins and minerals.

Diets that are gluten-free have become popular in recent years, but here too, promoters of gluten-free diets are missing the mark. The science shows that cutting out products made from wheat has no real health benefit unless you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which means you have a wheat allergy. In fact, foods marketed to be gluten-free can contain high levels of processed sugars.

“All fat is bad” is another food myth. “Good fats” are those that come from foods such as nuts, avocados, and fish. These are good for the heart and are quite healthy. Trans fats are the kinds of fats that are bad for you and those you need to watch out for.

Another gross generalization applies to salads. Just because you are eating a salad doesn’t mean it is necessarily healthy. Watch out what kind of dressing you use and choose one that is oil-based.

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