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Turn Up the Heat!

(Part 4 of 4) If you are convinced that you are not depressed but rather your thyroid is not working optimally, I encourage you to get tested (see blog entry Part 1 of 4).  You might benefit from metabolic rehab—rehabilitating your master regulator – your thyroid.   If you feel that you are struggling to get out of bed, get some … Read more.

Rehabilitate your Metabolism

(Part 3 of 4) Did you know that 50% of people who are depressed actually have a low functioning thyroid?  There are so many symptoms that are actually due to a low functioning thyroid that are never considered in the normal physical exam and intake.  I love to watch the body perform with an improved thyroid. For every patient, the … Read more.

Is anyone listening to you?

(Part 2 of 4) I would bet that many of you are actually in the TSH “ normal” range  (0.4-4.46) due to the use of thyroid hormone replacement-or not-but still have every symptom in the list of thyroid symptoms (fatigue, hair loss, headaches, insomnia, joint and muscle aches, fibrocystic breasts, weight gain, depression, irregular menses, cold intolerance, heat intolerance, PMS, … Read more.