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Strangely, Acid May Ease the Burn

Did you know that if you suffer from muscle twitches, spasms, leg cramps, or hear arrhythmias, you may need more acid in your system? Discussions about acid in the body recently though, have centered on a perceived need to reduce stomach acid, as an ongoing relief measure for digestive problems. Many people are unclear about the ramifications to their health and digestive comfort over time with prolonged use of acid blockers.

It is important to consider whether you are reducing your ability to actually produce stomach acid by regularly ingesting an acid-blocking pill for reflux reduction. If you are, the helpful acid needed to extract minerals from your foods and into your cells is being reduced as well.

It is important that doctors do not over prescribe these pills, and patients should not use them indiscriminately. If your body doesn’t receive proper amounts of minerals and cells are also depleted, undigested food moves through the stomach, proteins leak into the blood, and a full-scale autoimmune attack could begin in your body.

Stomach acid is part of the digestive process, selling and consuming over the counter acid-blockers is an unwise practice. Too few users really know what they are dealing with. Is your heartburn a symptom of too much stomach acid, or too little? Actually, heartburn is a symptom of both problems!

Hypochlorhydria or low acid is also marked by irritable bowel, belching, cramps, food sensitivities, rheumatoid disease, osteoporosis, pancreatitis, yeast infections, and various other symptoms. Chronic fatigue is also an issue, due to reduced mineral intake.

Correcting high or low levels of acid should be a joint effort between you and your doctor, with a nod toward natural solutions.

Health food stores sell effective supplements like “betaine hydrochloride,” “betaine with pepsin,” or “trimethylglycine.” These natural digestive remedies can provide symptom relief, depending on your physician’s diagnosis and recommendation.

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