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Stop Painful Nerve Pain In Its Tracks

Are you in pain? Does it strike all over your body? Do any of the following symptoms sound familiar?

·      a “pins and needles” sensation

·      weakness

·      dizziness upon standing

·      burning sensations

·      shooting pain

·      trigeminal neuralgia

·      tingling

·      numbness

·      cystitis

·      urinary urgency

·      vibration/buzzing sensations

·      male erectile dysfunction

It may be that you are experiencing neuropathy. It is important that your physician diagnose you correctly, and not waste time and resources treating symptoms instead of your real medical issue or issues. Be sure to look past the discomfort of the neuropathic symptoms to investigate the real disease, to which your neuropathy is linked. It is more likely that a cure lies there.

Which health conditions include neuropathy as a symptom?

·      Shingles or post-herpetic neuralgia

·      Elevated insulin

·      Diabetes

·      Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity

·      Heavy metal toxicity

·      Autoimmune disorders

·      Lyme disease

Medications may hurt more than they help.

It is also possible that various medications are causing aggravating neuropathy. Your nerves may have been left unprotected by the “mugging” of your body’s nutrients committed by meds meant to bring relief. Hundreds of meds have painful neuropathy listed as a side effect. Some of them include:

·      antacids

·      acid blockers

·      oral contraceptives

·      hormone replacement therapy

·      corticosteroids

·      statin cholesterol reducers

·      breast cancer drugs

·      fluoroquinolone antibiotics  (Cipro, Floxin, Avelox, Levaquin) These drugs are fluoride built; fluoride is harmful to the thyroid gland, and may permanently damage the nervous system.

How to find relief:

1.    Reduce insulin and blood sugar.

2.    Get off medications that cause neuropathies, and get on medicines that facilitate nerve growth. Thyroid medications, or growth hormone may be a good fit.

3.     With a doctor’s guidance, try experimenting with the right blend of the following supplements:

·           Thiamine or benfotiamine, a fat-soluble form.

·           Probiotics– they help make vitamin B12 which helps protect the nerve cells.

·           Vitamin B12- Without it, your nerves “short circuit,” leading to neuropathy and depression.

·           Lipoic Acid– This antioxidant tackles free radicals and reduces blood sugar. To help nerve pain, take high levels with biotin.

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