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Planning for Emergencies

Typically, Suzy Cohen provides advice on wellness and personal health. However, with the news of recent hurricanes and the potential of other natural disasters, she has decided to provide tips on what to do in case of a major emergency.

First, Cohen recommends keeping a list of all your medications with you at all times.  You can keep it in your wallet or store it on your smartphone. That way, if you need medical attention the provider will know what medications to provide and which ones could cause complications. Also, include descriptions of any health problems you have and a list of allergies.

Additionally, if you use an inhaler, keep a spare. Another recommendation is to maintain an emergency kit. Include a first aid kit as well as other necessities that you may need. For example:

  • N95/N100 mask for dust.
  • Spare batteries.
  • Toiletries
  • A multitool knife.
  • Extra house and car keys.
  • Snacks that are not perishable.
  • Water bottle.
  • Extra underwear.

Interestingly, Cohen recommends including a salt shaker as part of your kit as salt can help replenish electrolytes.  

There are some other things to consider when planning for an emergency.

  • Have extra cash as ATM’s or banking services may be down.
  • A paper map of your area.
  • Tools
  • Caffeine pills: for those who need coffee and need a pick-me-up.
  • Cell phone charging bank.
  • Your prescription medications.
  • Fun things for kids to do:  games, crafts, puzzles.
  • A list of family and loved ones with contact information.
  • Supplies for your pet.

Cohen also says to have water available. One way is to freeze water in resealable bags then store in the freezer ahead of time. They can be used to keep items cold until they thaw, then you can drink the fresh water.

Want to learn more about how you can be prepared for an emergency? Read the full post by Suzy Cohen here:  How to Make a DIY First Aid Kit.