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Natural Solutions for Arthritis

Do you struggle with arthritis pain? It could be tempting to reach for a painkiller or a prescription medication. However, Suzy Cohen suggests how you can address arthritis naturally through the food you eat.

First, Cohen emphasizes the foods that you should not eat. First, avoid any foods that contain artificial coloring, sweeteners, or flavoring. Also, watch out for foods that are genetically-modified. These GMOS are often modified for hardiness and more plant resiliency. However, they can be so strong that they can cause problems to your digestive tract. The third thing to watch out for are foods treated with pesticides.  Choose organic foods instead.

For foods that help with arthritis and pain

Cohen first recommends ginger. Ginger has properties that block cytokines. These are inflammatory and can cause problems. You can either brew ginger tea or incorporate ginger into your meals.

Another food to consider is garlic. Garlic has been shown to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms in research groups. Also, garlic can also help with preventing cancer too.

You should also look into tart cherries for anti-inflammatory properties. Tart cherries have anthocyanin. This creates the cherry color, but it also helps treat arthritis too. You can either drink tart cherry juice or buy the cherries frozen, which taste good in smoothies.

Beet greens also are anti-inflammatory thanks to their dark color. Beet greens contain phytonutrients and also have high levels of vitamin K. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Something you may not have considered is fennel, also called anise. Used in traditional medicine, it can treat inflammation. Plus, it takes like licorice!

Finally, spinach is a great inflammation-buster. It has kaempferol, which not only lowers inflammation it can also prevent osteoarthritis too.

Want to learn more about natural solutions for arthritis? You can read the full post by Suzy Cohen here:  The 6 Best Foods to Eat If You Have Arthritis.