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My doctor says my thyroid tests are normal

Breaking news! I am blogging, which those who know me will wonder how I actually have any time to do this between having a full time practice and being a full time mom. Doesn’t leave much time for creative writing, but I’m excited to be using this forum as a way to connect with my patients and the greater world, as I plan to blog about something that will raise your eyebrows…or hair, possibly…but ultimately, my goal is to inspire you. I’m already digging this and have only written a few sentences.

Post 1 of 4: “My doctor says my thyroid tests are normal.”

Thyroid is the topic this month. I love treating thyroid imbalances– I feel like people with thyroid conditions are medically under-treated and more often than not, desperate for answers. Many people need more thyroid hormone than they are currently being prescribed by their endocrinologist or primary care doctor in order to be symptom-free. Unfortunately, the testing used to find the thyroid imbalance is the culprit for people not getting treated correctly. A long, long time ago someone decided that the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test was the gold standard for measuring thyroid function. Once a reference range was established (0.4-4.46), it was deemed that everyone would be well if their numbers were in that range. As a result, doctors will not increase your thyroid prescription if your TSH is in this range, despite the persistence of your fatigue or other symptoms that are plaguing you. So when your doctor says that your thyroid tests are normal yet your symptoms aren’t going away, then you now know that there might be another side to the story….