Get Adobe Flash player Stop dreading the emotional monthly roller coaster or fretting that your children are being prescribed medicines that could actually harm them. Instead, sail confidently through life’s challenges, calm your fears, and trust you and your children are in the right place. Holistica creates the perfect partnership between you and healthcare providers, who really understand and address your unique needs.  At Holistica Integrative Care, we are passionate about helping our patients get the full range of care that they need to thrive.Unlike visits to other medical offices, we give you more complete solutions faster. We combine the best conventional medicine with the most advanced alternative wisdom to provide a focused experience that brings you results. Get Adobe Flash player  We want to change your experience of going to the doctor and leave a lasting impression on what receiving health care means. Taking care of your health shouldn’t make you feel rushed, stressed, and uncertain. It should be a joyful experience that energizes you and gives you a healthier outlook on life.

To compliment our extensive medical focus, we also provide you with access to an exclusive Total Care Program.

Boulder Holistic Medical Center


At each visit, you will receive:

1. Personalized therapeutic healing tea

2. A sampling of our fragrant, all-natural Holistica skin care products

3. A full hour of focused attention from your doctor or provider, which is more than twice the national average medical appointment time

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Our team collaborates to give you the best blend of conventional and alternative medicine. Take a moment to meet us!
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Holistica Integrative Care
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