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High Blood Pressure

Did you recently have your blood pressure taken and were surprised by the results? Was your blood pressure much higher than expected? Many Americans have above average blood pressure, which can really affect your health. Suzy Cohen explains it all and what to do about high blood pressure.

Blood pressure refers to the amount of force needed to pump blood through your body.  There are two types of blood pressure:

  • Systolic:  This is the first number read when you get your blood pressure taken. The systolic is the contraction that occurs to pump blood through the arteries.  
  • Diastolic:  This is the second number.  It tells you how much pressure is being exerted on your arteries when it refills with blood and your heart is resting.

Normal systolic blood pressure is 120 or below. Diastolic blood pressure should be 80 or below. If you are above those numbers you could be at risk for hypertension.  

Cohen has two different categories of hypertension. The first is when systolic pressure is between 140-159 and diastolic is between 90-99. The second category is 160 and over for systolic and 100 or more for diastolic.

The first category should be a warning that you need to start making changes to lower your blood pressure. The second category says that you need to see your medical practitioner immediately for help.

If you do not address high blood pressure it can lead to serious medical problems. These range from a heart attack or stroke to aneurysms and kidney disease.  Thus it is important to take steps to reduce your risk.

Foods recommended for lowering blood pressure

  • Rich, colorful berries and dark chocolate.  Both contain polyphenols.
  • Garlic, which has antioxidants and sulfur compounds.
  • Magnesium threonate, which also helps you sleep better.
  • Hibiscus tea can provide noticeable benefits when consumed for as little as 12 days.
  • Omega-3s and fish oil which can be found in fish or a supplement.

Want to learn more? Read the full post by Suzy Cohen here:  5 Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure That Really (Really!) Work.