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Day-to-Day Detox Program Featured in the Boulder Daily Camera

Starting Sunday, April 7th, Yoga Loft and I will be launching our Day-to-Day Detox program, a month-long detoxification program that meets every Sunday in April for 2 hours. I will spend part of the time lecturing on such things as the 5 roots of elimination, foods and recipes that support detoxification, and how to identify and eliminate environmental toxins in your life, and the rest of the time will be devoted to a sweaty, toxin-rinsing yoga flow with Nikki Rogers. Whether you do cleanses several times a year or have never done a cleanse in your life, this program offers something for everyone and provides the added benefit of access to my expertise and guidance throughout the entire month.

Check out Boulder Daily Camera’s article Spring Cleanup, which features the upcoming program and offers further insight into what detoxification truly means.

Interested in signing up? You can click HERE and still save 20%!

Hope to see you next month!