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Why Community Matters for Your Health

When we think about healthy living, exercise and nutrition often are the first to come to mind. However, Dr. Mark Hyman points out that community and relationships actually matter a lot more when it comes to your health.

Hyman points out research that shows that relationships matter to humans and that can have broad ramifications when it comes to our health, even at the genetic level. For example, human genes can be influenced, even “switched” on or off, depending on the other people we are interacting with. Also, people who are isolated and alone are likely to get sick more often compared to those who have social connections.

In short, Hyman emphasizes that having social connections with other people in your life is very important for staying healthy. Also, other medical professionals are now recognizing this too, as they have been frustrated that their medical treatments are not consistently working. They are now even creating their own programs to help people learn to take care of themselves and find community as well.

Dr. Hyman suggests the following ideas for how you can build stronger relationships and community:

  • Create a group with your family and friends that will keep you accountable towards your health goals. Meet once a week or hold a group phone call.
  • Find supportive people online through discussion groups that have a similar health-oriented mindset.
  • Take a workout class in order to exercise and meet new people too.
  • Create your own group through or similar platforms to find like-minded people who share common interests.

Remember, being healthy is not just something you do on your own. An important factor in staying both physically and emotionally healthy is having meaningful relationships with other people. Want to learn more? You can read the full post by Dr. Mark Hyman here:  The Number One Tool You Need to Get Healthy.