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Fish Binge Fallout

I spent the last 11 days on Maui eating fish several times per day. Admittedly, this is a habit I discourage my patients from engaging in due to concerns of mercury exposure. If you are one of the patients to whom I have delivered the “do not eat fish more than one time per month” guideline, I apologize—I was a … Read more.

Group Detox: More Harm than Good!

by Mary F. Shackelton It has come again…January is here, and I have seen another patient with symptoms of having gone too fast on a group detox.  Everyone likes the idea of a cleanse. It seems to be some sort of penance to pay for the sins of the month before:  the multiple happy hours, the less-than-good food choices, and … Read more.

Juicing: Beneficial or Harmful?

By Mary F. Shackelton, ND, MPH The medical and surgical weight-loss community and the natural health community seem to be divided on this topic. The former argues that juicing reduces the fiber content and therefore decreases the feeling of fullness gained by eating fresh, crisp fruits and vegetables (Ashley Barrient, clinician in Loyola’s bariatric department, Alternative Medicine, August 2013). Do … Read more.

Day-to-Day Detox Program Featured in the Boulder Daily Camera

Starting Sunday, April 7th, Yoga Loft and I will be launching our Day-to-Day Detox program, a month-long detoxification program that meets every Sunday in April for 2 hours. I will spend part of the time lecturing on such things as the 5 roots of elimination, foods and recipes that support detoxification, and how to identify and eliminate environmental toxins in … Read more.

Unacceptable Levels: A Film about the Chemicals in our Bodies

Just stumbled upon the documentary Unacceptable Levels at the Natural Foods Expo West last weekend. It’s scheduled to be on tour this summer 2013. The only thing available at the moment is a brief preview that describes the premise of the movie, but I’m excited that someone is finally making this information more visible to the public. Basically, the filmmakers … Read more.

What is Sauna Therapy? How Can It Improve My Health?

Modern day diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and fatigue are prevalent and becoming more so in part because of the changes in our environment, exposure to toxicity, and a weakened immune system from chronic toxic insults.  Detoxification is vital for addressing the underlying weaknesses associated with these diseases, and one modality for detoxification is sweating. Sauna … Read more.

Sustainable Seafood: Which Fish is Safe to Eat?

Did you know that in North America, fish is one of the top sources of PCBs, and farmed salmon is the single greatest source? In fact, farmed salmon has four times more PCBs, dioxins, and other chlorinated contaminants than wild Alaskan salmon. A big reason for these high levels of toxicity is that farmed salmon are fed fish pellets that … Read more.

The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen: Which Produce Is Best to Eat Organic?

If you read my last blog, Is Buying Organic Food Worth the Investment?, then you know more about pesticides on foods and how harmful they can be to our bodies. However, I understand how expensive groceries can get, especially if you’re trying to feed a family. My recommendation is to buy organic as much as possible, but if your grocery … Read more.