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We represent the best combination of alternative and conventional medicine in a combined office setting. We approach each patient as an individual and often collaborate about your care whether you are seeing one practitioner or all three. At our first appointment we will spend an hour listening to what brought you to our clinic, conducting physical exams and analyzing any prior laboratory tests you have had. At the end of your first appointment it is always our goal to have a treatment plan for you in place. If additional testing is required we will make recommendations at this time. We do not accept insurance at this time but will provide you with a superbill with appropriate diagnostic codes to provide to your insurance company in the event that you are eligible.
Our intent is to give you a natural medical solution for your health care concerns by using the most collaborative, individualized, effective and advanced therapies that holistic medicine has to offer. Our commitment to your overall wellness is to first, do no harm, and second, act in accordance with the laws of nature.Most patients that find us have exhausted all their resources and are experiencing both acute and chronic symptoms with no hope for answers, or more importantly, relief. They have lost their capacity to adapt to their imbalances and maintain a physical, emotional, and spiritual state that supports optimal health. Our ideal patients are ready to make a fundamental change in their lives and adopt new lifestyles and behaviors that lead to longevity and disease prevention. Our first priority is prevention with the ultimate goal of finding a cure. We empower our patients to discover where their lives have become imbalanced and to be proactive about bringing their health back into alignment. We know you are seeking restoration and optimization of your health.


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