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Archive for November, 2017:

Taking a Second Look at Salt

We have heard for a long time about the dangers of consuming too much salt. Yet new research is showing new insights about salt and how having too little can adversely affect your health. Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D. breaks it all down for us. It is recommended that we consume at most 2,300 mg of salt a day. That’s about … Read more.

Why Magnesium Matters

Even though magnesium is an important nutrient for our bodies to function properly, most people actually don’t get enough of it. Suzy Cohen breaks down how magnesium matters to our health. Research shows that magnesium is a vital nutrient for body function and overall health.  For example: Keeps your heart beating at a steady and regular rate. Promotes a healthy … Read more.

Why Community Matters for Your Health

When we think about healthy living, exercise and nutrition often are the first to come to mind. However, Dr. Mark Hyman points out that community and relationships actually matter a lot more when it comes to your health. Hyman points out research that shows that relationships matter to humans and that can have broad ramifications when it comes to our … Read more.

Take a Second Look at These Foods

Have you been told that fruit is bad for you or to avoid anything made of gluten? It turns out that when we take a second look at these and other foods, they are actually healthier than we originally thought. First, let’s take a look at fruits. Fruit such as apples, oranges, etc. have been labeled as unhealthy because they contain … Read more.

Healthy Foods to Eat in Moderation

These days there is always a new food that becomes trendy for a healthy diet. However, even though these foods can be good for you doesn’t mean that you should go overboard eating them.   One food that is generally considered to be healthy is smoked salmon, which is an excellent protein source. However, the smoking process creates polycyclic aromatic … Read more.

What You Can Do to About Estrogen Breakdown

Are you concerned about breast health and ensuring that you are lowering your risk of developing cancer? Suzy Cohen has several suggestions for both women and men about estrogen breakdown and staying healthy. Cohen notes that both men and women make estrogen and thus it is important for both to be aware this issue. In fact, she points out that … Read more.

Crimini Mushrooms

Have you ever heard of crimini mushrooms? You might know them better as “button” mushrooms, but what you may not know is that these little fungi pack a lot of nutrients. These include what the World’s Healthiest Foods refers to as “macronutrients.” First off, let’s establish that crimini mushrooms are not actually plants or vegetables. In fact, they are a … Read more.