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Archive for June, 2017:

Everything You Wanted to Know about Dulse

What is dulse? It turns out Suzy Cohen has the answers as to how this form of seaweed can actually be tasty and healthy too. Dulse (similar to pulse) is a kind of algae that grows on rocks located on the shoreline of the Pacific and North Atlantic oceans. It is eaten in places such as: Nova Scotia Iceland Ireland … Read more.

What You Didn’t Know about IVF

Are you considering IVF treatment in order to become pregnant?  Natalie Howard of the website has some insight into the procedure and perhaps what you didn’t know about IVF. First is that IVF treatment greatly expands the ovaries.  This is because the medications that you take during IVF increase the number of eggs produced.  This is so that there … Read more.

Constipation Solutions

All too often when we have an ailment such as constipation we are tempted to just go to the drug store.  Yet there are options for addressing constipation that come from natural sources and can even cost less than a drug.  Consider these options: Option #1:  Rhubarb Rhubarb is a herb that has been used to treat constipation in traditional … Read more.

The Health Benefits of Carrots

You probably know that carrots are a great source of vitamin A, but did you realize that carrots offer much more in nutrients and health benefits? The World’s Healthiest Foods explains how carrots can be an important part of our diets. Carrots were originally found on the continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia, but their production has spread around the … Read more.

How to Fix Adrenal Problems

Are you feeling stressed-out with low energy? It may be that there is a problem with your adrenal glands. That’s why Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D. has suggestions for how to fix this problem and get the help you need. Our adrenal glands are important because they help us control stress. When they don’t function properly we experience: Fatigue Sleep problems. … Read more.

The Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The World’s Healthiest Foods has new information about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. These include anti-inflammatory properties and how olive oil can help your heart. In fact, the World’s Healthiest Foods only recommends extra virgin olive oil as a cooking oil in its recipes. Olive oil comes from processing olives that grow on the Olea europea tree. … Read more.