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Archive for May, 2017:

Using Functional Medicine to Treat Allergies and Other Problems

Dr. Mark Hyman, an advocate of Functional Medicine, has advice for those who are struggling with symptoms of allergies and headaches. He also has some thoughts for those concerned about their sugar intake. However, that doesn’t mean taking another pill or an expensive medical procedure, as we’ll see below. Many Americans experience allergy symptoms such as a stuffed-up nose, congestion, … Read more.

The Importance of Iodine

Usually, the World’s Healthiest Foods focuses on individual foods and their nutritional benefits. However, this time, they have decided to look further into iodine and its importance to your health. Iodine is a mineral that is found throughout Earth’s environments. Interestingly it even helps with stabilizing the ozone layer which protects the Earth. Since it is usually in the soil, … Read more.

Why Not Eating Gluten Won’t Help

There had been a health trend lately for going “gluten-free.”  The belief is that eating foods containing the gluten protein is a way towards being healthier and improving diet.  However, research is showing that this may be a misplaced strategy, at least when it comes to heart health. Dr. Andrew Chan of Harvard Medical School analyzed data from tens of … Read more.

Using Functional Medicine to Treat Chronic Fatigue and MS

Dr. Mark Hyman writes on his blog how Functional Medicine can help treat serious conditions such as chronic fatigue and MS. He knows from personal experience the role Functional Medicine can play for treating these kinds of medical problems. When he was a young physician, Dr. Hyman struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome.  He was always tired and found it hard … Read more.

The Benefits of Green Tea

Are you thirsting for a beverage that tastes delicious and is healthy too? Dr. Andrew Weil, MD suggests green tea. Research is showing that this drink packs a lot of punch when it comes to fighting off weight gain, diabetes, and even cancer. Green tea originated in China around 2737 B.C. It is derived from the plant Camellia sinesis. Because … Read more.

How to Solve Your Acne Problems

Have you been struggling for years with acne and have yet to find a solution?  Did you recently develop acne as an adult and don’t know why? Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, suggests that the cause or your acne problems can be found in your diet. Dr. Hyman discusses how he too struggled with acne, but not when he was a … Read more.

How to Eat Well This Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and the World’s Healthiest Foods asks why not take that perspective into the kitchen and start fresh with a clean slate? This is a great time to make healthier food choices and try new things, allowing us to take a new path in our culinary adventures. The World’s Healthiest Foods advises us to … Read more.