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Archive for February, 2017:

Interesting Facts about Vitamin C

You may know that vitamin C is an important nutrient, but did you know how many different kinds of roles it plays for your health? The World’s Healthiest Foods has lots of interesting facts about vitamin C and how it should be an important part of your diet. Most know that vitamin C comes from citrus fruits and that it … Read more.

Impact of Acupuncture on Depression and Chronic Pain

A report from researchers at the University of York discusses how the use of acupuncture can have a positive impact on both depression and chronic pain.  This is important for anyone who has struggled with these conditions. The study, published in the journal National Institute for Health Research Journals Library reviewed 29 clinical trials that compared acupuncture treatment and standard … Read more.

How to Incorporate a “Digital Detox” into Each Day

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD writes how our use of digital technology has a big impact on both our physical and mental health. However, there are ways that you can include a “digital detox” into your daily life in order to get back your health. Hyman notes that there are a lot of health effects that occur from overuse of technology. … Read more.

What You Need to Know about Vitamin E

Suzy Cohen, RPh, wants to make it clear that there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding vitamin E. She points out that not all vitamin E are equal, and that there is a big difference between synthetic vitamin E and that which occurs naturally. Research into the health benefits of vitamin E used a synthetically made product. These … Read more.

Using Plants to Help You Heal

Suzy Cohen, RPh is a trained pharmacist knowledgeable with how modern medicines work. However, she is also fascinated with natural remedies, in particular, those mentioned in the Bible. Remember hearing about frankincense and myrrh? Well, it turns out these and other natural remedies have tremendous healing powers. Let’s start with the two mentioned above, frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense is also … Read more.

The Potential for Treating Dementia

Suzy Cohen, R. Ph., has some exciting news from the world of drug research.  A new drug still in development has the potential for providing treatment for people suffering from a dementia-related condition such Parkinson’s and Lewy Body disease. The drug, which is still in development and not named, is intended for patients who have type-2 diabetes.  However, in lab … Read more.