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Archive for January, 2017:

Natural Solutions for Constipation

Everyone needs to go, but did you know that many Americans struggle with constipation? That’s why Dr. Mark Hyman recommends natural solutions for those who want to get things flowing again! Dr. Hyman notes that about 63 million Americans have constipation problems. Many may not even realize that they have a problem. For instance, you may think to need to … Read more.

Using Mindfulness to Identify Negative Thinking

Does it ever seem like you get stuck in a negative thought pattern? Have you ever found yourself reliving old and painful memories from the past? This negative thinking doesn’t really help, but for some reason, it’s tempting to be “stuck in the past.” However, mindfulness can help with identifying these thought processes. Why do we get caught up in … Read more.

The Connection Between Weight and Sleep

Have you been struggling to lose weight and nothing’s working? According to researchers, there’s a connection between how many hours you sleep a night and weight gain. The study included 70,000 middle-aged women starting in 1986. The participants checked-in their weight every two years over a 16-year period. The results showed women could be expected to gain 33 or more … Read more.

Supplements for Increasing Fertility

Are you trying to get pregnant and interested in using supplements to increase your fertility? There are several things that you should and shouldn’t do when using fertility supplements. Make sure that when choosing a supplement use one that is high quality with pure ingredients that actually work. Pick a supplement that can be absorbed easily by your body. When … Read more.

How Carbamazepine Saps Nutrients

Suzy Cohen is known for raising awareness of how medications can steal the nutrients your body needs. This, in turn, can cause both physical and mental health problems. Now she wants to bring to light the effects carbamazepine can have on the body. Carbamazepine is a prescription drug used to treat epilepsy. Basically, it works by suppressing the nerve impulses … Read more.

Supplements and Depression

Are you struggling with the symptoms of depression and want a more natural solution for treating symptoms? It turns out that there are several kinds of supplements and herbs that show promise in fighting depression. One supplement is 5-HTH or 5-hydroxytryptopha. It can help with boosting serotonin levels in the brain.  Another type of supplement is SAM-E, which is an … Read more.