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Archive for October, 2016:

The Health Benefits of Beets

The World’s Healthiest Foods has some interesting facts about beets that you may not have realized. Beets are nutritious, have cancer-fighting properties, and are effective against inflammation. They can also turn the color of your urine red! The plant that we know today as beets originally came from North Africa and was first cultivated by the Roman Empire. It spread … Read more.

The Case for Vitamin B12

Think you’re getting all of the nutrients you need to be healthy? Have you considered whether you’re getting enough vitamin B12 in your diet? It turns out, it’s easier to be deficient than you might realize. Rodale Wellness discusses these deficiencies and how you can get more vitamin B12. What is vitamin B12?  It is an important vitamin that is … Read more.

Health Benefit of Brussels Sprouts

The World’s Healthiest Foods provides  information about the health benefits of Brussels Sprouts. This includes nutritional data and how this vegetable can help lower cholesterol, fight cancer, and even positively affect our DNA! Brussels sprouts are considered a cruciferous vegetable.  These are the dark colored and crunchy veggies that include foods like broccoli. The World’s Healthiest Foods describes Brussels sprouts … Read more.

Red Flags for Type 2 Diabetes

Many Americans receive a type-2 diabetes diagnosis. Yet, there are several red flags that you can be aware of and take preventative measures against. Suzy Cohen of Rodale Wellness discusses these red flags. Thirst, and not being able to quench thirst. Your brain needs water to function properly. If you don’t drink enough it will begin to draw moisture from other … Read more.

What to Do About Food Cravings

Do you constantly crave a sweet treat or carb and can’t stop? Cravings can seem uncontrollable, making the desire hard to resist. The Tiny Buddha discusses food cravings, how we get them, and ways to stop having them. Often, cravings are simply chalked up to having a lack of control. In reality, when we experience cravings, there are usually specific … Read more.

Understanding Loneliness

Everyone feels lonely from time-to-time. It happens to us all. Yet, why do some people experience loneliness more than others? New research, discussed in an article by the Brisbane Times in Australia, is discovering the causes of loneliness and the role it plays in human development. The article notes that rates of loneliness in the world, including Australia, is rising. … Read more.

Inflammation and Chronic Pain

Are you experiencing pain and don’t know why? In a post for Rodale Wellness, Julia Westbrook suggests there may be more than meets the eye through research by Dr. Gary Kaplan. Inflammation can cause chronic pain. This is because of cytokines, chemicals made by microglia in the human body. When the microglia are, as Westbrook describes,  “stuck” they continue to … Read more.

The Healthy Properties of Kale

Kale receives a lot of attention for its health benefits. The World’s Healthiest Foods breaks down the healthy properties of kale, as well. This includes nutrition information, how it helps fight certain diseases, and even ideas for preparing kale in your meals. Known for its dark-green leaves, kale is a vegetable, related to Brussels sprouts or cabbage. Originally from Asia, … Read more.