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Archive for June, 2016:

The Link Between Your Gut and Allergy Symptoms

In a post on his website, Dr. Mark Hyman, MD discusses how people with seasonal allergies can find natural relief from their symptoms. Surprisingly, it’s not through a new drug or medication, but instead, comes from your own gut. According to Dr. Hyman there is a connection between allergies and gut health. Sixty percent of the body’s immune system comes … Read more.

Using Acupuncture to Treat Menopause Symptoms

Medical News Daily reports there is a new study documenting how acupuncture, an ancient medical technique from China, can actually help women struggling with the symptoms related to menopause. The research was published in the journal Menopause. Menopause occurs when menstrual periods end for a woman and she can no longer conceive by natural means. This can cause hormone changes … Read more.

Foods that Have Healthy Fats

Looking to lose some weight and become more healthy? Rodale Wellness shares seven foods it recommends on its website. They contain lots of what are considered “good” fats.  These foods are packed with lots of nutrients, and taste good too! These foods include: Coconut:  Contains medium-chain triglycerides or MCT’s and can be quickly converted into energy by the human body, instead … Read more.

The Best Way to Prevent Heart Disease

In a post for his site, Dr. Mark Hyman writes about the best way to prevent heart disease. It turns out, a healthy lifestyle that combines a nutritious diet and exercise has been conclusively proven to be the best prescription for preventing heart disease. Dr. Hyman acknowledges that genetics can play a role in whether a person develops heart disease, … Read more.

The Potential of Yoga and Meditation to Fight Dementia

An article in Medical News Today describes how researchers are learning how yoga can be a powerful tool in the fight against dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The research study was conducted by Dr. Helen Lavretsky at the University of California-Los Angeles, and published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s.   Although not severe, MCI can be a precursor to … Read more.

Natural Anxiety Solutions

Want to find relief from your anxiety symptoms, but don’t want to take prescription drugs?  The website Newsmax has ten ideas that can help people suffering from anxiety find relief from their symptoms, without reliance on potentially addictive medications that might be abused. Drink herbal teas like green tea and chamomile to relax. Take an extract supplement derived from hops called … Read more.

Natural Ways to Keep Your Digestive Tract Healthy

Are you concerned about the health of your digestive tract, but want to know what kind of natural options are out there? The website Rodale Wellness has five ideas for maintaining digestive health that involve eating foods, not taking pills. Digestive Health Food #1:  Bone Broth Bone broth contains collagen, which is a compound that can protect body tissue, as … Read more.