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Archive for May, 2016:

The Dangers of a Fatty Liver

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD writes on his blog about the causes and dangers of having a fatty liver. This condition is caused by unhealthy eating, yet you might not even realize that your liver is at risk. A fatty liver is caused by eating a lot of foods that contain sugar and starch. This can include foods like: Carbohydrates made … Read more.

Top 5 Foods to Heal Digestion

Are you concerned about the health of your digestive tract, but want to know what kind of natural options are out there? The website Rodale Wellness has five ideas for maintaining digestive health that involve eating foods, rather than taking pills. Digestive Health Food #1:  Bone Broth Bone broth contains collagen, which is a compound that can protect body tissue, as … Read more.

The Health Benefits of Black Beans

Black beans are commonly found in many countries. According to the World’s Healthiest Foods, research is finding that black beans have more healthy properties than we initially thought.  These include helping the digestive tract, providing nutrients, controlling blood sugar, and aiding in cardiovascular health. Belonging to the legume family, black beans originated in Central and South America and found their … Read more.

The Health Benefits of Strawberries

A post by the World’s Healthiest Foods goes into detail about the health benefits of strawberries. These include nutritional content, antioxidant properties, and the potential for strawberries in the fight against cancer. Strawberries have a lot of Vitamin C, so much so, that the World’s Healthiest Foods reports that one cup of strawberries has 113% of the daily Vitamin C … Read more.

Natural Options for Depression Relief

When people consider ways to find relief from depression, they often first think of antidepressant medications as the answer. However, do you struggle from the effects of depression, but look for more natural options for help? The website has several ideas that can help those who suffer from depression find help, naturally. Cleansing the Body One way advises … Read more.

Acid Reflux Little Known Facts

Are you experiencing heartburn, nausea, and other general stomach discomfort? You might have acid reflux disease, a condition that can make life difficult for those who have it. The website discusses the causes and symptoms of acid reflux as well as treatment options. What is Acid Reflux Disease? Also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), the condition is caused … Read more.

Green Peas are Our Food of the Week

Green peas are a well-known food, included in many meals. Recently, as The World’s Healthiest Foods notes, we are learning that green peas have a host of health benefits, including the ability to combat cancer. Green peas pack a lot of nutrients into a small space. One of these nutrients, called coumestrol, has potential for fighting stomach cancer. According to a … Read more.

Healthy Life Hacks

Trying to find new ways to stay healthy? Rodale Wellness has over seventy tips for unlocking new healthy-living tricks. These include everything from diet, fitness, and living well. Eating Healthy Unsalted Pistachios: Eating 2-3 ounces daily can help raise HDL cholesterol (the good kind) by 6%. Cinnamon: Adding cinnamon to coffee grinds before pressing adds antioxidants. Organic Ketchup: The darker … Read more.