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Archive for April, 2016:

The Link Between Protein and Better Sleep

Everyone knows that protein is an important part of a healthy diet. However, according to the Rodale Wellness blog, new research from Purdue University found a connection between a high-protein diet, weight loss, and getting a better night’s sleep. The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, tracked the sleeping patterns of forty-four people over the course of … Read more.

Spring Detox Ideas

Rodale Wellness has six ideas to help with your spring detox which can help with flattening your belly. As you prepare for summer, consider these tips. Flat Belly Tip #1:  Cleaning Up Your Liver Described as the “laundromat” of your body, your liver filters out all of the extra food you eat, along with chemicals and other components that we … Read more.

The Mystery of Miso

A post by The World’s Healthiest Foods asks, “what is miso and is there more than one type of miso? The word itself can mean several things, but it generally refers to a food found in Japanese culture that has several varieties. The word “miso” means “fermented beans” in Japanese. It is produced through the fermentation of soybeans to create … Read more.

Benefits of Potato Starch for Your Diet

Dr. Mark Hyman describes in his book Eat Fat, Get Thin a diet low in highly processed carbohydrates as important for losing weight and staying healthy. However, he does make at least one concession to carbs found in potato starch. In a blog post, Dr. Hyman says that potato starch is what’s called a “resistant starch.”  What makes this kind … Read more.

The Mystery of Biotin

The World’s Healthiest Foods has a post regarding a little-known vitamin called biotin.  Although we have known about it for some time, researchers are still learning about how it affects the human body and how much the body needs. We are also discovering which foods contain biotin. Biotin is one of the B-complex vitamins and has had other names in … Read more.

Mark Hyman’s Thoughts on Fats

Recently Dr. Mark Hyman, MD wrote on his blog about some recent discoveries he made regarding the health benefits and risks of fats, and research that he used in his book “Eat Fat,Get Thin.”  His thoughts on fats lead him to propose a diet that he calls the “Pegan Diet.” In his book, Hyman challenges some myths that society has … Read more.

Natural Ways to Relive Back and Muscle Pain

In one of her blog posts, Suzy Cohen RPh, discusses her experience with a massage session gone wrong. What should have been a 10 minute break, turned into a torturous experience for Cohen, leaving her feeling more stressed and in pain than before. She recommends 12 tips that can help people who struggle with back and muscle pain find relief. … Read more.

Kale and Goitrogens

Suzy Cohen, RPh writes on her blog about a little known facts regarding kale and broccoli. Many people are aware that they are healthy and good for you. However, how these foods are eaten can make a big difference, and could lead to health problems. Referred to as goitrogens, these foods contain compounds such as thiocyanate that, over time, could … Read more.