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Archive for February, 2016:

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

Sometimes we need an antibiotic, nothing else will do. However, that is a fairly rare occurrence and should be. The long-term impact on our health for less serious conditions and infections makes ingesting antibiotics a practice we should do only on occasion. Here are a couple of things you should know about antibiotics: Antibiotics are hard our your gut. A … Read more.


Have you had your foliage today? It’s important to get in your daily dietary “green stuff.” Otherwise, you risk depriving yourself of folate, a key nutrient found in foods like spinach, turnip greens, bok choy, parsley, and romaine lettuce. In recent decades, science has come to recognize the profound impact folate and folate deficiency can have on human development. Familiarity … Read more.

How Our Government Made Us Fat and Sick!

Dr Mark Hyman has had it with the FDA Food Guidelines. The food pyramid, taught to schoolchildren for years and held in high esteem for too long, says Hyman, has led to the worst health epidemic in history. Unhealthy food choices and a general lack of knowledge regarding dietary needs have turned our bodies against us. Obesity and diabetes are … Read more.


When your energy dwindles and your health starts to fade, try superherbs instead of the latest pharmaceuticals. Your  body really needs healthier options and more complete healing than synthetic options can provide. Superherbs help your body heal from the inside out and will address your body as a whole instead symptom by symptom. Consider the following list, easily picked up … Read more.


Avocados are a heart-healthy food that contain monounsaturated fats. Yes fats. These types of fats are good for you. Thanks to their high fat content, avocados afford you a significant amount of carotenoid absorption. Hence, the benefit to your heart. Avocados have been shown to lower heart disease, improve LDL blood levels, and lower oxidative stress in the bloodstream once … Read more.

8 Ways to Save Your Brain, Learn Faster & Calm Down

Have you been experiencing a lot of “mature moments” lately? You know, lapses in train of thought or recall? Confusion about where in the world you left that car in the lot? You are not alone. Suzy Cohen, health expert and supplementation expert has a few ideas about how to fight back. Let’s look at a few of her tips: … Read more.

Are ‘The Girls’ Sore? Here’s Help for Fibrocystic Breast Pain

What do you do when your breasts are so tender and sore that a good hug really hurts? First, realize that between 30 to 60 percent of women deal with similar pain. You’re not alone. It’s called “fibrocystic breast pain” and is a result of cysts in the milk glands that develop during hormonal changes. For many women, the discomfort … Read more.

Copper Bracelets: Reasons For Use, Limitations

You’ve probably seen the commercials for those copper wristbands that supposedly relieve the pain of stiff joints. Are the claims true? What does science say? Many copper bracelet wearers do claim that copper bracelets are beneficial in managing their arthritis pain. Still, it’s hard to test the bracelets efficacy given that there is no regulation of product claims. To really … Read more.