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Archive for October, 2015:


All that most people know about iron is that red meats are rich in the nutrient. Many people are surprised to know that people who eat mainly a plant-based diet get as much, or more, iron as people who don’t. Excellent sources of iron come from plant foods. Undoubtedly, more health problems are caused by iron deficiency than any other … Read more.

5 Foods Making Your Pain Feel Worse

Do you want to drastically improve the way you feel? Are you tired of being cranky and slow, due to joint pain or stiff lower back? This pain can be alleviated by your diet! Incorporate anti-inflammatory foods and see the difference. When you are managing something chronic like arthritis, or putting up with short-term pain or cramps, head to the … Read more.

Strategies to Address ADHD

Dr. Mark Hyman questions what’s really behind the increase in ADHD in children in recent years. Hyman notes that everything we do; what we eat, how we think, whether we exercise, toxins we’re exposed to and our gut microbiome, are important to brain wellbeing. Hyman notes that many children on the spectrum of ADHD and autism live on, and crave, … Read more.

Why Salt is Not Enough: Clearing up the Iodine Confusion

Susie Cohen, Natural Medicine expert, hopes to help clear up misconceptions regarding iodine. First, you should know that iodine is necessary for proper thyroid hormone production. Second, you need iodine for proper conversion of T4 to T3. Iodine is not just for the thyroid. It’s needed across your body and every cell has a receptor for it. You should also … Read more.

Gut Bugs May Affect Body Fat and Good Cholesterol

Are you alarmed by an expanding waistline? Maybe that bacteria in your gut is the real culprit for your weight gain. Nine hundred Dutch adults, participating in a recent study, found that “gut bugs” affect body fat levels. Also, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides appear to be impacted as well. Researcher Jingyuan Fu, an associate professor of genetics at University Medical … Read more.

The Four Steps to Heal Adrenal Fatigue

If you’re living a stressed-out, on-the-go lifestyle, your body knows it. Soon the caffeine, unhealthy food, and sleep deprivation you’re using to stay on top of things will show up in really uncomfortable ways. Let’s look at your adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are the body’s initial defenders against stress. They secrete different hormones that regulate body functions. When the adrenal … Read more.


Broccoli is a part of the cabbage family. It resembles, and is closely related to, cauliflower. The type of broccoli most grocery shoppers are familiar with is called Calabrese. It has become increasingly popular, as research has discovered an anti-cancer phytonutrient in the vegetable. When eating and storing broccoli, make sure that it’s fresh, with clusters that are compact, you … Read more.

3 Foods to Ignore if You Snore

Did you know that food sensitivities might be responsible for your snoring? Let’s look at ways to get you a good night’s sleep, save your relationship, and restore your health. Your body’s adenoids and tonsils are immune system components that help protect against swallowed or inhaled germs. The antibodies they make serve to combat any germs that try to get … Read more.