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Archive for June, 2015:

The Health Benefits of Practicing Compassion

Compassion comes with benefits; psychological, spiritual, and physical benefits. Formerly just a religious or philosophical ideal, compassion has become an area of scientific interest in recent years. Why? What does it mean to be compassionate? What real good does it do you? Let’s see: According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, a compassionate person is both kind and sympathetic; a value to … Read more.

Summer Squash

Who can resist the smooth, mellow flavor of summer squash, grilled to perfection on a warm evening? Sound good? Loads of squash fans agree this time of year. While “summer” squash is available year round, now’s the time you find it paired with other seasonal fare like onions, peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes — on salads, in soups, and sandwiches. Are … Read more.

The Truth About Natural Vitamin E

Despite what some of us were told in the past, vitamin E is vital to our brain health. Suzy Cohen, RPH notes that in the past, a large number of clinical trials used “synthetic (man-made) vitamin E on trial participants.” Unsurprisingly, few benefits were revealed. Synthetic version of vitamin E contain tiny amounts of the whole molecule of vitamin E named … Read more.

Can Heartburn Meds Cause a Heart Attack?

According to Mark Moyad, MD, MPH, author of The Supplement Handbook, “Acid reflux drugs might as well be crack cocaine or heroin. They work so well and so quickly that you can become addicted to them.” Research shows that proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), like Prilosec or Prevacid, interfere with protective enzymes, leading to inflammation, reduced absorption of iron, increased risk … Read more.

Have You Stopped Enjoying Life? Could Be Low Dopamine

So how’re you doing? Feeling kinda of “blah,” “who cares,” and “why bother”? If life seems to have lost its shine, and your happy place is seeming a bit run down, you may be suffering from dopamine depletion, says expert Suzy Cohen, RPh. Here’s what you need to know: Dopamine imbalances can induce depression. This is different depression than the … Read more.

Steps to Heal Your Thyroid

Dr. Mark Hyman points out how crucial the thyroid system is to metabolism. Insulin, cortisol and  thyroid hormones combined drive your metabolism and weight. Dr. Hyman suggests these strategies for coping with your thyroid difficulties: Eliminate the causes of thyroid problems by purging your diet and body of troublemakers. Gluten can hamper thyroid function and metabolism if you’re sensitive. Get … Read more.

Sugar Secrets We Learned During Anne Alexander’s Facebook Q&A

If the sugar monkey is on your back, you know how hard it is to break that sweet addiction. Luckily, Anne Alexander has written two books to serve as our personal sugar rehab: Sugar Smart Express, and the Sugar Smart Diet. Alexander shows us how to recognize the perils of sugar in the foods we eat, and effectively kick the … Read more.

Genes, Methylation and Your Health

Suzy Cohen, RPh is crazy about genes, and all that they tell us about ourselves. And she wants you to know what she knows. Are you familiar with SNPs (read “snips”)? Most people aren’t, but should be. SNPs stand for single nucleotide polymorphism. According to Cohen, “SNPs make up your genetic personality, they are neither good or bad,  they just … Read more.