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Archive for March, 2015:

The You-Can’t Ignore Connection Between Sugar and Alzheimer’s Disease

Suzanne de la Monte, MD, a neuropathologist at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, has found that the high carb, high processed diet found in Western cultures has made what Dr. de la Monte terms “type three diabetes” also known as Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. de la Monte’s team has found a direct link between insulin resistance, and brain damage that causes … Read more.

How Cashews Can Help With Stress and Anxiety

Foods can surprise us with all the beneficial things they can do, and now it is time for the little cashew to take it’s turn in the spotlight. This tasty nut is a powerhouse of good things for your brain and mood. Plus, it can replace butter, eggs, yogurt, and cheese. As an example of how great the mighty little … Read more.

My 2 Cents About Copper Worth a Million Bucks

There has been talk about how copper can be bad for you and cause cancer. Suzy Cohen has researched the question. She found that the right amount of copper is vital. Too much copper causes health problems, but so does too little. The proper amount of copper is necessary for our body to make 50 of the enzymes we need. … Read more.

How Citrus Peel Promotes Healthy Bones: Nobiletin

As we age or suffer illness, our bones get weaker. Of course, there is medication that can help, but the side effects are many. There are lots of ads on TV promoting lawyers who bring cases to court for their clients suffering the severe side effects, and/or death, against the companies that make these drugs. However, Mother Nature has a way to help … Read more.

Healthy Grocery Shopping in 20 Minutes or Less

In today’s world, time is becoming a rare commodity. We all live busy lives. In between work, family, and extracurricular activities, many of us find going grocery shopping and cooking good meals on the bottom of the to-do list. This means settling for drive-thru, ordering in, or grabbing quick but not-so-healthy meals at the store. This isn’t good for your … Read more.

Reasons You Need to Detox

Do you have FLC syndrome (feel like crap)? It can be little things like brain fog, sore joints, headaches, or more serious things like autoimmune disease, asthma, migraines, and more. If your answer is yes, then you may want to try a detox. The kind you’re probably thinking of has you hungry all the time, drinking weird stuff, running for … Read more.

Surprising Facts About Food Sensitivities

“Food sensitivities” is a new topic that’s getting a little attention from the medical community. Here are some facts that you may not know about food sensitivities: Food allergies, food intolerance, and food sensitivities are not the same things at all. Food allergies are a response from the immune system, and can vary from a mild itching to life-threatening problems. Food … Read more.

Is Fluoride Whacking Out Your Thyroid?

Your thyroid is a small but vital part of your health. The thyroid controls your energy, weight/metabolism, and core temperature. A little known fact is that your thyroid controls your mood. If you’re chronically depressed, anxious or have poor coping skills, have your thyroid examined. One of the things that hurts your thyroid is fluoride. Fluoride is found in medications … Read more.