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Archive for February, 2015:

The Latest News About Cabbage

There are quite a few studies being done on the effects that cabbage has on cancer. The results are impressive; cabbage does indeed prove helpful as a cancer preventative. There are more cool things that cabbage does for you. When you eat steamed cabbage, you get cholesterol-lowering benefits. There are different kinds of cabbage that all have different glucosinolate patterns, so the best … Read more.

Willing to Lose Your Mind for Wine? How ‘bout Coffee?

For years, we have heard that wine is good for you. Actually, the opposite is true. It’s quite harmful for you. When you drink wine, your body sets off a ton of inflammatory chemicals. These chemicals are the stuff that makes you turn gray, causes pain, and adds wrinkles. Alcohol also steals thiamine from your brain. Thiamine is what your … Read more.

What Causes Leaky Gut Syndrome?

There is no single cause of leaky gut syndrome. However, the main contributors are: chronic stress, environmental contaminants, dysbiosis, immune overload, gastrointestinal disease, poor food choices, overuse of alcoholic beverages, presence of pathogenic bacteria, yeasts, parasites, and prolonged use of NSAIDs. When we have chronic stress, our body can’t tell the difference from rushing to make an appointment, trying to multi-task or when … Read more.

Why Overeating Doesn’t Make You Fat (And What Does)

The human body was designed to store as much fat as possible. In times of feast or famine, this was needed in order to survive. We had to have a reservoir of fat to sustain us when there was little to no food available. Overeating is not just a matter of willpower. Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years … Read more.

What’s New and Beneficial about Brussels sprouts?

To get the best cholesterol-lowering benefits possible from Brussels sprouts, it’s best to steam them. The fiber components bind together better with the bile in your digestive system if they’re steamed. They can be eaten raw, but you won’t get the full benefits to your cholesterol. These tasty little vegetables can also protect your DNA by improving DNA stability when … Read more.

Focusing on Calories Misses the Bigger Picture for Weight and Health

Many people who give dietary or nutritional advice continue to share the out-of-date “fact” that “calories in/calories out” is what matters when it comes to maintaining weight and health. The real fact is: The quality of the calories matters more than the number of calories. In one 12-week study, participants were divided into two groups. All participants were pre-diabetic and … Read more.

How to Improve Memory

We all forget things now and then. If you occasionally lose your keys, it’s not a big deal. If, however, you can’t remember what you just said and your memory problems continue to get worse, it’s time to pay attention. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be totally disabling for their victims, and difficult and heartbreaking for family members to deal … Read more.

The Most Powerful Anti-Allergy Foods

Spring is around the corner and allergy season is just behind it. For those who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms like coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose, there are a wide range of foods that can help curb those symptoms. Garlic and Onions: Quercetin, a natural antihistamine, is found abundantly in garlic and onions, as well as in … Read more.