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Archive for August, 2014:

Natural Cures for What Ails You

Did you know that you have a vast array of natural healing options furnished to you by Mother Nature? No matter what ails or impedes you, there are foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals that can renew and restore your body. So, talk to your physician first, and then take advantage of nature’s medicine cabinet. Check out how nature soothes the … Read more.

Energy and Focus in your Tea

Guayusa (“gwhy-you-suh”) tea is an ancient drink prepared and enjoyed around the globe. Amazonian farmers in the rainforest grow it locally. Guayusa is actually an herb that comes from the holly tree (Ilex guayusa), instead of a tea. Because it’s not an herbal, black or green tea, people who suffer from gallstones can still enjoy guayusa.  Still, check with your … Read more.

Bet On Bitter?

Have you ever wondered whether a certain taste had more nutritional benefits than another? After all, one might make the case the American fondness for sweet tasting food has landed us in the middle of a nationwide obesity problem. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, bitter tasting food is the food to indulge. Bitter foods have a tendency to moderate hunger … Read more.


Choline is one of  the newest nutrients to join the list of important vitamins. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) determined in the late nineties that choline is one of the nutrients necessary in our daily meals. Since our diets are often depleted of the substance, we can’t rely on our inner stores of choline to ensure optimal amounts. Though there … Read more.


Most of us know that when it comes to iron, meats are a good source. But did you know that many plant foods are iron-rich too? Research shows that vegetarians, vegans, and people who eat more plants than meat actually have as much, or more, iron in their diets as meat eaters. Still, a lack of iron causes more global … Read more.

 The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make for Their Brains

The brain deserves a lot of credit, and a lot of care and consideration. How often do you show your appreciation? Do you even give it much thought? If you wanted to take better care of your brain, would you know how? Consider the following “Top 10 biggest mistakes people make for their brains:” •   Lack of protection: To enjoy … Read more.

Are Your Vitamins “Good”?

Which vitamins are “good”? Which types do you really need? Have you ever stood in the health food store, sure that your body needs supplements, but overwhelmed by the selection and variety? Dr. Andrew Weil is well versed in vitamin research. He is quite qualified to share which nutrient forms are the most beneficial. Try his listing as guidance in … Read more.

The One Test Your Doctor Isn’t Doing That Could Save Your Life

When did your insulin resistance begin? Well, it definitely didn’t happen all of a sudden. If you had a habit of eating a wealth of empty calories, sugars, liquid calories, and carbs like bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes, it took a toll on your body’s cells. As your body required more insulin to keep your blood sugar balanced, your cells … Read more.