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Archive for June, 2014:

Confession From a Pharmacist: Some Medications Scare Me

Pharmacists are sometimes bothered by the emphasis placed on natural remedies for conditions like depression and anxiety. They point out that gold standard pharmaceuticals are FDA approved where many supplements, minerals, and alternative treatments are not. Suzy Cohen, a seasoned pharmacist and syndictated columnist, cautions one disgruntled collegue to become better educated across the board. She reminds her that one of … Read more.

What is Acrylamide?

Acrylamide is found in uncooked, raw food. It is usually found in small amounts, but could, in the right circumstances create a toxic, cancerous health risk. The significantly larger, dangerous amounts of acrylamide occur once low-level foods have been cooked. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that the average American adult takes in approximately 27 micrograms of dietary acrylamide … Read more.


It ‘s blueberry season! From May to October, set aside your strawberries to fill up on the country’s delicious and second most popular berry. A low calorie fruit, blueberries grow in clusters on shrubs in a rich range of blues to purple-blacks. The three main groups of blueberries include the familiar, cultivated highbush, the lowbush wild variety, and the rabbiteye … Read more.

Why Diet and Exercise Are Not the Key to Weight Loss and Health

Living a healthier, leaner life is all about the set-up. The set-up is how you will make changes. What are the unconscious, daily decisions you default to? Those are the ones you need to address. Setting yourself up for success involves a system called behavior design. Changing the way you manage your health requires changing your behavior, and behavior design provides … Read more.

Heartburn? My Gut Feeling Is That You Need More Acid

Stomach acid is not bad. It’s true, pharmacy shelves lined with acid blockers tell you different, the mountain of prescriptions provided by doctors indicate otherwise. But really, stomach acid is actually your friend. Furthermore, if you are complaining of frequent heartburn, you may need more stomach acid, not less. To know for sure, your doctor should perform a gastrin level … Read more.

10 Questions to Ponder Before Taking Medicine

“Take on empty stomach.” “Do not operate machinery or equipment.” “Take with food.” “Avoid alcohol.” You’ve seen these labels on your prescription bottles or over-the-counter medications. Sometimes you heed them, and sometimes you don’t. You seem just fine. How do you know when it really matters? Are these warnings and suggestions really important to your health? Well, the answer is … Read more.

Animal-assisted Therapy: Is it Undervalued as an Alternative Treatment?

Does your insurance company cover animal therapy, as they do a surgery or a bottle of pills? Research shows that they should consider it. Many doctors and patients are convinced of the value of animal-assisted therapy, and hope to see it employed more often in the medical community. Pets offer unwavering consistency, affection, friendship, and faithfulness. Those qualities are valuable and … Read more.

Stop Painful Nerve Pain In Its Tracks

Are you in pain? Does it strike all over your body? Do any of the following symptoms sound familiar? ·      a “pins and needles” sensation ·      weakness ·      dizziness upon standing ·      burning sensations ·      shooting pain ·      trigeminal neuralgia ·      tingling ·      numbness ·      cystitis ·      urinary urgency ·      vibration/buzzing sensations ·      male erectile dysfunction It may be that … Read more.