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Archive for April, 2014:

I’m Allergic… What Should I Eat, Then? 

Food allergies can ruin the pleasure of eating some of your favorite foods, but understanding the impact and importance of restricting your diet and managing symptoms can have lasting health benefits that are worth the sacrifice. If you feel that food allergies are an issue, consider the taking the following measures: ·      First, learn the most common food-related allergies and … Read more.

12 Practices for Optimal Healing

What if what you need is not tips for staying healthy or prevention, but how to heal? If you’re ill, healing quickly becomes your primary life goal. Make some important changes for the sake of your mind and body. Employ a system of 12 practices endorsed by Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, CCH, ACC of Integrative Homeopathic Medicine. As soon as … Read more.

Memory Enhancing Tips and Supplements

The number of Americans with Alzheimer disease is set to balloon in the near future. Triple the amount of current patients will face the debilitating effects of dementia if they do not protect themselves now. Doctors cannot yet offer a pharmaceutical solution, but you don’t have to sit a wait for Alzheimer’s to overtake you or hope for a miracle cure. … Read more.

How Safe are BPA-Free Plastics?

Plastic is everywhere, used for almost everything, and it is affecting your hormones. Chemicals in plastics, even BPA-free varieties, may be doing serious damage. This cannot be overlooked for the sake of convenience. We must do what it takes to address the problem now. What are the risks to our health? Plastics contain xenoestrogens. They behave like hormones while disrupting … Read more.

Studies Find Glucosamine Promotes Longevity

Anyone familiar with a drugstore or vitamin shop has seen glucosamine among the supplements for sale. The bottle assures the buyer that the symptoms and pain of arthritis or degenerating joints will be alleviated. Lesser known, but more impressive benefits of glucosamine include an ability to delay cancer growth, and reduction of metabolism of nutritive sugars. The propensity to slow … Read more.


What is zinc? How do you determine whether you need it? Should you take a zinc supplement? Zinc is a nutritional mineral, unfamiliar to many, that is crucial to healthy metabolism and our general well-being. Why do we need zinc? ·      Zinc is a “cofactor.” It participates directly in enzyme activity, and is a necessary support to hundreds of them. … Read more.

Fish Binge Fallout

I spent the last 11 days on Maui eating fish several times per day. Admittedly, this is a habit I discourage my patients from engaging in due to concerns of mercury exposure. If you are one of the patients to whom I have delivered the “do not eat fish more than one time per month” guideline, I apologize—I was a … Read more.

Is Obesity Contagious?

Social networks, social media, and social changes are so interconnected in this age that it would be foolish to overlook their potential in stemming the crushing tide of obesity that threatens to drown our country. For better or worse, food habits are contagious. Perhaps flooding our communities with health-focused, supportive social connections can help us stay afloat and head to … Read more.