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Archive for March, 2014:

Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin

Healthy foods are rich in riboflavin, and ripe with the ability to metabolize fat for energy. You’ll know when the vitamin makes its way through your system by the bright yellow color of your urine. Why do we need riboflavin? Riboflavin is another name for vitamin B2. It is integral to energy production, antioxidant protection and iron metabolism. ·      All … Read more.

5 Food Lies that Keep You Sick and Fat

They are feeding you lies. Stop filling up on sugary sweet chemistry experiments that have been passing for food. You deserve the truth.  Reset your mind and body. These are 5 food lies you should watch out for before starting your detox and leaving sickness and obesity behind: ·      Lie # 1: Calories in/Calories out=Weight Loss. Counting calories is not … Read more.

Major Changes in Hypothyroidism Treatment

In January 2014, well-known researcher Dr. Wilmar Wiersinga, shared his thoughts about four primary paradigm shifts regarding thyroid hormone replacement therapy for hypothyroidism in the Nature Reviews Endocrinology medical journal. 1.     The First Effective Treatment Method: Until the later part of the 19th century, there was no treatment available for hypothyroidism.  London physician Dr. George Murray discovered a means of … Read more.

Hives, Histamine and Vitamin D

Hives. When they show up, you look for ways to make them go away. Itchy, stinging and irritating, the red bumps take over smooth healthy skin and have you running for relief. Hives, also known as urticaria, is a skin disorder that may be acute or chronic, depending the presentation. Both types have distinct characteristics: §    Acute Urticaria. When hives … Read more.

5 Reasons and 5 Ways to Detox

Believe it or not, detoxing is great. Most of what your heard has probably been unpleasant: Unpleasant food, unpleasant drinks, and unpleasant trips to the bathroom. There is a better way. In a matter of days, cravings and overeating can all be subdued. Imagine: Headaches, fatigue, asthma, or worse can be a thing of the past. Maybe you’re not convinced. … Read more.

Does Meditation Matter?

Is there any question that meditation is good thing? The American Heart Association stated that research supports that transcendental meditation (TM) lowers blood pressure. The American Psychological Association concluded that transcendental meditation helps reduce anxiety, negativity, and neuroticism, while increasing memory, self-realization, and comprehension. Further research reveals that TM significantly lowers insulin resistance, the rate of biological aging, and reduces … Read more.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

There seems to be a lot of talk lately on television, around health shops, and in health magazines about probiotics and prebiotics. What exactly are they? How are they good for you? First, understand that we aren’t talking about foods, but rather two types of supplements:  1) probiotics containing freeze-dried bacteria, billions within just one capsule, which can survive in … Read more.

These Herbs Work Like Medicine

The pharmaceutical marketplace is full of medications meant to clear your head, ease your pain, reduce your blood pressure, and help you sleep, among other things. What if there were some natural alternatives? Of course, natural remedies don’t necessarily pack the same punch as drugs, but they may be enough if you give them a try. Just be careful; don’t … Read more.