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Archive for February, 2014:

Acupuncture Could Treat Inflammation and Save Lives

Is sepsis the real killer? According to research conducted by scientists at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, sepsis is labeled “a major cause of death” because nearly 250,000 deaths in the US are attributed to it annually. Yet the sepsis infection, a common condition that circulates in hospital intensive care units, is much less deadly than the ensuing inflammation disorder. … Read more.

Avocado- The Fatty Fruit Your Body Will Love

Chunky salad wedges, creamy guacamole, or smooth spread for your favorite sandwich. Avocados are delicious any way you slice it and the benefits to your body are undeniable. Take advantage of avocado benefits Cardiovascular Health Promotion: Heart and blood vessels are strengthened from the significant amounts of oleic acid, vitamin B-6, and folic acid prevalent in avocado. Inflammatory and oxidative … Read more.

Parasites Cause Obesity, Mental Illness, Autoimmunity, and More

Are you suffering? Is there inflammation ravaging your body and provoking a chronic condition? Parasitic infection may be the root.Astonishingly, research shows that one in three people may be infected with a specific type of microscopic parasite that could be causing your problems. The parasite, Toxoplasma gondii (T.gondii), is a global freeloader. Yet, despite the fact that nearly one third … Read more.

Vitamin A

The health and function of our eyes is often linked to vitamin A. Yet, this vitamin’s participation in a variety of physiological systems is sometimes understated. There are two primary forms of vitamin A; retinoid and carotenoid. Your body’s ability to convert carotenoids into retinoids is vital to your health. o   Retinoid Forms- This type of vitamin A is important … Read more.

Eggs Don’t Cause Heart Attacks — Sugar Does

Alarmingly, a can of soda raises your risk of heart attack far more than your breakfast omelet. Bad advice has steered us away from fat and right into a head-on collision with sugar. And sugar has killed too many of us. Take steps now to ignore a half-century of dietary misdirection. A recent study of 40,000 people investigated all potential … Read more.

Herbs to Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a lifestyle and dietary malady. The condition may be controlled through well-informed use of herbs and supplements, but not eradicated. As you take steps to amend your health choices, consider the following herbs for lowering your cholesterol levels and improving cholesterol elimination through bettered circulation: Garlic: Eaten chopped and raw, garlic is a powerful ally to the … Read more.

Five Things Thyroid Patients Should Never Say to the Doctor

The fact is, doctors are busy, appointments are short, and your physician may or may not put a lot of stock in your medical assessments and personal research. Don’t worry; with a few tweaks to your appointment approach, you’ll soon have conversations that get you closer to your best thyroid health. 1.   Problem approach: “Read This!” Your doctor probably has … Read more.

Iodine-Your Thyroid’s Biggest Supporter

If you are American or Canadian, you may pick up a container of iodized salt, a pack of strawberries, or a carton of milk at the grocer’s, unaware that you hold in your hands an essential building block to your health. Evidenced by the health issues of countries and communities without access to iodine enriched foods, this mineral has been … Read more.