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Archive for December, 2013:

5 Steps to Solving Your Migraines

The number one reason people end up in emergency rooms is migraines. They affect millions of people, and are responsible for billions of dollars in healthcare costs. Before we look at the five steps to solving your migraines, we need to realize that the question we should ask isn’t, “How do you treat a migraine?” It should be, “What’s causing … Read more.

Can You Overdose on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements?

Many vitamins and minerals include 1,000 percent or more of the recommended daily allowance. Is it dangerous to take this much every day? Is it possible to take too many supplements? It’s not too surprising to learn that, yes, we can take too many supplements and that doing so can be dangerous. The following supplements can be harmful if taken … Read more.

Health Worriers Who Don’t Take Care of Their Health

Many patients who are severely frightened of becoming sick do not take even ordinary measures to lessen the risks of disease. It is important that these patients learn what they can do to prevent serious illness and premature death. 1. Smoking cigarettes is responsible for at least one third of all cardiovascular and cancer deaths and leads to many other … Read more.

Acupuncture Beneficial for Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

In people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disease of the central nervous system, the myelin sheaths that surround neurons are attacked by their own immune system. This creates scars, impairing signals between the brain and spinal cord, and leading to a multitude of symptoms. The disease is unpredictable and symptoms vary greatly from one person to another. It … Read more.

Chromium — Insulin’s Best Friend

Chromium, an essential mineral that our bodies need in trace amounts, plays an active role in maintaining normal blood sugar and insulin levels. Chromium is the active component of glucose tolerance factor (GTF). The primary function of GTF is to assist insulin. It does this, with the help of chromium, by making it possible for insulin to hold on to … Read more.

Medication and Dietary Supplements–Why So Many Ingredients?

Many of us, either by choice or by necessity, have dietary restrictions we follow. The steps we take to ensure that we don’t consume unwanted foods should include knowing what’s in our medication and dietary supplements. For those restricting gluten, for example, there are many fillers or inactive ingredients that either definitely contain gluten or could possibly contain it. “Starch” … Read more.

Never Eat These FrankenFats

Trans fats were invented to prolong the shelf life of food, and they never go rancid. They are found in margarine (a “better” butter), shortening, microwave popcorn, cookies, baked and frozen foods, donuts, and even pizza! You’ll find them hidden in almost all fried and convenience foods. They’re everywhere! The FDA has finally banned the use of trans fats in … Read more.

What’s New and Beneficial about Walnuts?

In your search for healthy, nutritious foods, don’t overlook the humble walnut! Walnuts pack a powerful nutrition punch and taste great. Added to salads, desserts, side-dishes, or eaten by themselves, 1/4 cup of walnuts provide 94.5% of the daily value of omega-3 fats, 42.5% of manganese, and 20% of copper. Walnuts are tree nuts, and studies have shown that people … Read more.