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Archive for November, 2013:

What can Vitamin B6 do for You?

Vitamin B6 has been researched since the 1930s, making it one of the best-studied of all the B vitamins. It was originally referred to as “antidermis factor” for its ability to treat inflammation of the skin, especially in relation to seborrheic dermatitis. We now know that this is only one of the ways our bodies use vitamin B6. Almost every … Read more.

Time to Re-Learn Your Eating Habits

Many of us have grown up being taught “good eating habits” that we’d like to instill in our own children. Some of these cover both table manners and an idea of health…but is the idea of health that our common table manner/habits taught us outdated? Most likely. It can be hard to change some of these ideas, because they’re so … Read more.

A Natural Alternative for Treating ADD

Many parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADD are looking for alternative or supplementary treatments to medication. Neurofeedback might just be the solution they’ve been looking for! Neurofeedback, also known as brainwave biofeedback, directly trains the brain to stay more calm and focused. It has been reported effective in treating ADD by many clinicians over the past few … Read more.

Is Your Body Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Many women find themselves gaining ten to twenty pounds around the middle as they approach perimenopause or menopause that no amount of dieting will significantly reduce. It’s the dreaded middle age spread! You’ll just have to get used to your changing body, right? Wrong! The middle age spread doesn’t have to stay there; its stubbornness is probably due to hormonal … Read more.

The Latest on Swiss Chard

It may not be as extensively studied as beets and spinach, but Swiss chard is starting to be recognized for the valuable contributions this dark leafy green can make to our health. Its rich greens and vibrantly colored stalks are more than just beautiful, they’re an indication of a large variety of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Like … Read more.

Are there GMOs in your Dairy Alternatives?

This year, approximately 91% of soybeans, 85% of corn, 90% of canola, and 88% of cotton produced in the United States are genetically modified. This means that when you’re eating your supposedly “natural” tofu and soy-protein products, you could be eating GMOs without realizing it. GMO soy could be hiding in non-organic whole soy, or as soy protein isolate, soy lecithin, … Read more.

Lower Blood Pressure Without Big Pharma

Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure and a great many of them are trying to treat this condition with pills from Big Pharma. Is this you or anyone you know? Many of these people will tell you they actually feel worse now that they’ve started taking these potentially risky prescription drugs like diuretics, beta blockers, and ACE … Read more.

Is Food Sensitivity Testing Reliable?

Like for a lot of other tests you might take or have taken in life, the accuracy of food sensitivity tests depends on well, the test! The classic food sensitivity/food allergy test looks for IgE or IgG antibodies to see if someone has been exposed to a food that has caused their body to create an antibody. What it doesn’t … Read more.