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Archive for October, 2013:

What’s So Bad About Vasoline?

Check the ingredients before you lotion up, ladies and gents! Something in that innocent looking bottle or jar that might be making you feel smooth for a while after application might actually be messing with your skin. What is that deceptive ingredient, you ask? Some of you probably know where this is heading: petroleum products. Those of us who grew … Read more.

Avoid Many Food-Based Pathogens

Not going to eat the rind? Wash it anyway! How many times have you cut an avocado in half without washing it? Most of us probably do this almost every time. But we shouldn’t. Food borne pathogens don’t live inside fruits and vegetables, they live outside, on the skin, peel, or rind. Remember the listeria deaths from unwashed cantaloupes the … Read more.

Don’t Stress Over Stress

Okay, so you know that being stressed out isn’t good for your health. But did you know that if you think that your stress is undermining your health you could actually have twice the risk of heart attack as people who don’t think about the physical harm their stress could be causing them? Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but a team … Read more.

Bipolar Disorder Caused by Hyperthyroidism?

Hyperthyroidism is a condition which causes the thyroid to produce excess hormones. This overproduction of hormones causes many hyperthyroid patients to suffer concurrent mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. It has been well established that the thyroid affects mood, and a link between hyperthyroidism and mania has been posited by some evidence. It has also been suggested that the thyroid … Read more.

Think Before You Pink Campaign

Pink ribbon products have been around for thirty years, yet the breast cancer epidemic doesn’t seem a whole lot closer to being over in 2013 than it did some decades ago. That’s not a very promising thought. Even less cheerful is the fact that while pink ribbon products make billions of dollars, over 40,000 women die of breast cancer each … Read more.

Exercise Depression Away

Regular exercise is good for your cardiovascular health and reduces other problems that go along with obesity or inactivity, like high blood pressure and difficulty breathing after climbing stairs. Having strong core muscles helps with back problems too. In a world where we have just about eliminated waiting, we’re not really accustomed to persevering for these long term benefits. Good … Read more.

Nutrients from the Brain

One day we’re hearing coffee is good for us, the next week that it’s not; same with eggs, milk, whatever. Is there any health advice that’s not contradictory? There are some nutrients for the brain that a pretty certain to always be good, but these aren’t the kinds of vitamins you can get from a bottle. Make sure you’ve got … Read more.

Copper Ineffective at Arthritis Relief

Ladies and Gentlemen, remove your copper bracelets and magnetic wrist straps. In a randomized controlled trial, the University of New York found these accessories to be of no more therapeutic value than a non-magnetic, non-copper placebo bracelet or strap. Seventy patients with active symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis reported on their pain, disability, and medication use throughout the five month study, … Read more.