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Archive for September, 2013:

The SIBO Diet?

Flatulence, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain. Sounds a bit like a Pepto-Bismol ad, right? It’s actually a list of some of the primary symptoms of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or SIBO. A regularly functioning small intestine can flush out organisms that shouldn’t be there, but in cases of SIBO, the bacterial composition of the small intestine and the colon are more … Read more.

What Can Eucalyptus Do for Eu?

Bad puns aside, the eucalyptus is a very beneficial plant, so it’s a good thing it grows fast! Eucalyptus, besides being the favorite food of everyone’s favorite Australian mammal, is a fast-growing evergreen tree that comes in over 400 species, but it looks nothing like the evergreens most Americans are familiar with. This leafy green tree is becoming more and … Read more.

Juicing: Beneficial or Harmful?

By Mary F. Shackelton, ND, MPH The medical and surgical weight-loss community and the natural health community seem to be divided on this topic. The former argues that juicing reduces the fiber content and therefore decreases the feeling of fullness gained by eating fresh, crisp fruits and vegetables (Ashley Barrient, clinician in Loyola’s bariatric department, Alternative Medicine, August 2013). Do … Read more.

Antibiotics in my Food?

Should you be worried about the antibiotics used in livestock? The simple answer is yes, but what can you do to limit your exposure to them short of preparing only vegetarian or vegan meals for yourself and your family? It might cost more out of pocket upfront, but the case for eating organically raised, certified drug-free meat and animal products … Read more.

Mold: The Invisible and Pervasive Invader

by Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND With the recent flooding in Colorado, mold is on everyone’s mind. And, rightly so. It is dangerous, and nothing to mess around with. If your drywall was saturated with water, your risk of having mold increases greatly. If your carpet and carpet pad were soaked…get them out of your house! This is the perfect breeding ground … Read more.

Seasonal Eating for Healthy Skin

The summer sun may not be with us for too much longer, if indeed it is still sticking around right now in your part of the world. As fall approaches, many of us are noticing our skin feels dry and maybe even sensitive, thanks to over exposure to the sun and air pollution. Fortunately, fall also means harvest time for … Read more.

Naturopathy and Preventive Care

Can naturopathic medicine prevent cardiovascular disease? That’s what a recent randomized clinical trial from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine was looking to find out. Why is this question so important? Beyond the straight-forward desire to halt or retard the development of cardiovascular disease, preventive treatments cost less. Government healthcare programs and individuals would be able to greatly extent their … Read more.

Mindfulness Meditation: Simple, Yet Effective

Meditation is something we’ve all heard about and it seems to be more prominent in the news than ever before, especially something called “mindfulness meditation,” which is commonly defined as having a heightened awareness of your experiences in the moment and non-judgmental self examination. Okay, that all sounds well and good. But how do we go about doing that? Let’s … Read more.