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Archive for August, 2013:

Death from Bipolar Disease?

When you hear that people with bipolar disorder are more likely than those without it to die young, do you automatically assume their deaths are from suicide? Many people do make this assumption, which shows the need for more research and a greater general understanding of this disorder, and other mental illnesses. The School of Medicine at the University of … Read more.

Yoga for the Brain

Yoga fanatics will probably not be surprised at the results of a new study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that found that just twenty minutes of yoga stimulates brain function, but those of us who are not yet yoga devotees might be motivated to give it a try. Researchers studied the working memory and inhibitory control of thirty … Read more.

Climate Change and Bird Flu, What To Do?

Whenever we hear on the news of new cases of avian or swine flu, it sends people in a tizzy of worry. But how many of us actually do something to prevent getting it? The new variant of bird flu, H7N9, has only infected a few people in isolated areas in China; at least, so far. The mortality rate is … Read more.

Exercise for a Better Memory

Experiencing cognitive changes as you age is totally normal. Recalling words, such as remembering people’s names, titles of books or movies, is usually the first thing to slip. They come back to you, but it takes longer than it used to. This is more frustrating for you than for anyone else, but it’s not a sign your mind is going; it is … Read more.

Mindful Eating: Peaceful Coexistence with Food

We can all recognize the difference between healthy foods and most unhealthy ones. So why do we eat the unhealthy ones? “They taste good” seems like a pretty simple reason, but there are others too, ones that can be even unconsciously affecting why you’re eating.  It may not be because you’re hungry, but because you’re bored or upset. Social factors … Read more.

Five a Day Gives You a Few More Years

We’ve all been told to eat our fruits and veggies. “They’re good for you!” Hopefully you’ve been doing as you’re told, because it could very well mean you’ll be living longer than those who haven’t been getting their “five a day.” The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm conducted a study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, using data collected … Read more.

Exercise for Stroke Prevention

When was the last time you did anything that got your heart rate up? If your answer was drinking a double espresso this afternoon or climbing up a few stairs, you might want to consider easing into an exercise routine. The University of Alabama at Birmingham conducted a study, analyzing data from 27,000 American adults ages 45 and older for … Read more.

Saying No to Sugar-Water Protects Bees

Humans have long known of honey’s antibacterial properties, but how exactly this works is less well known. Honey’s main ingredients, glucose and fructose, don’t sound too healthy in any case. So why is honey so good for you? The answer may be in the April 29 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, where a study has … Read more.