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Archive for June, 2013:

New Doubts About Ginkgo Biloba

Despite the fact that no study has ever produced concrete evidence that taking ginkgo biloba supplements provide the benefits people take them for, namely improving memory and preventing dementia, people continue to take them, believing that it might do them good, and even if it doesn’t, it can’t hurt. Or can it? This past spring, the first government toxicology study on … Read more.

Mindfulness Training Helps Smokers Quit

Reluctant smokers, get your tablets and smartphones ready. If you’re trying to quit the habit, Craving to Quit is a new app from goBlue Labs, a company founded by Dr. Judson Brewer, the medical director of the Yale Therapeutic Neuroscience Clinic. The app costs $49.99, which sounds a little expensive for an app, unless you think of that as four … Read more.

One Size Fits All Not for Nutrition

America spends more per capita on medical care than any other country, yet we still have a low ranking on health outcomes. What can be done to fix this problem? That’s the question the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute is trying to solve, by combining the resources of various types of healthcare, science, and technology. The individual human body is complex … Read more.

Restless Leg Syndrome Could Mean Early Death

An eight-year study of men with and without restless leg syndrome (RLS) suggests that, even taking into account age and other health factors, those with RLS were more likely to die prematurely. The cause of RLS is unknown and it remains a controversial diagnosis as the cause of unpleasant sensations in resting legs that compel the sufferer to move in … Read more.

Six Shocking Causes of Hormone Disruption

    A simple hormone disruption in your body can lead to a variety of less-than-desirable effects. Intense cravings, poor sleep and memory, and weight gain are just a few signs of a hormone imbalance. But this imbalance can actually be traced back to a number of different causes, and many of those causes are much more common than you may … Read more.

Don’t Take Your Vitamins

People across the country take supplemental vitamins every day because they are concerned about their health and believe getting the right vitamins is essential to good health. Vitamins are a necessary part of converting food into energy in the body, and not getting enough vitamins can lead to serious diseases like scurvy and rickets. For many, there isn’t enough consideration … Read more.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

    It is common knowledge that pregnant women should not smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs during their pregnancy in order to ensure a healthy baby. But a new study out of Australia now suggests that women would be wise to cut out junk food during their pregnancy as well. Babies born to mothers who eat junk food while pregnant … Read more.

Lifestyle-Based Options for ADHD Management

    By now, most people understand the importance of proper diet in a healthy lifestyle and how the right food, vitamins, and minerals can help the body be the healthiest it can be. But what people may not always realize is that healthy lifestyle management can even have a dramatic impact on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). There has been … Read more.