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Archive for March, 2013:

Two Glasses of Wine for Women is One Too Many

    If you’ve had a long, stressful day sometimes all you want to do is go home and put your feet up and enjoy a glass or two of wine. Research touts the benefits of a glass of red wine daily, but for women going beyond that one glass may cause more harm than good. From a caloric standpoint, two … Read more.

Day-to-Day Detox Program Featured in the Boulder Daily Camera

Starting Sunday, April 7th, Yoga Loft and I will be launching our Day-to-Day Detox program, a month-long detoxification program that meets every Sunday in April for 2 hours. I will spend part of the time lecturing on such things as the 5 roots of elimination, foods and recipes that support detoxification, and how to identify and eliminate environmental toxins in … Read more.

Sleep Loss Alters Genes, Raises Disease Risk

    Not getting proper sleep is already known to be detrimental to one’s health and well-being. Previous research has shown implications for attention, the immune system, and daily productivity when sleep is compromised. Unfortunately, people tend to sacrifice sleep far too quickly when daily life becomes overburdened with things like work, family, and all kinds of other stressors. So when … Read more.

Can your diet prevent cancer?

Lifestyle choices are widely known to play a role in the onset of many cancers. By making some key changes in how you live your life and the food you eat, you can dramatically reduce your risk.  Smoking contributes to over 30 percent of cancer cases, and it has been suggested that another 30 percent of cases can be prevented … Read more.

Mummy Scans Suggest Human Vulnerability to Heart Disease

    Heart disease is one of the prevailing ailments among adults across the world, but this may not be as new of a threat to the human condition as once believed. New research that “unwraps” mummies with the use of CT scans suggests that heart disease and atherosclerosis (hardened arteries) have plagued humans since before the dawn of fast food … Read more.

Helping Your Body Adjust to Daylight Savings Time

    Twice a year, every year, daylight saving time springs us forward or has us fall back. This year, on Sunday March 10th, the majority of Americans lost an hour as part of an adjustment to seasonal changes. Besides feeling a bit off-kilter while adjusting to the new hours, there may be greater individual effects of this seasonal event. Most importantly, … Read more.

Why do I need Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a chemical that our bodies are able to synthesize from direct exposure sunlight, which is our best source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is a common worldwide problem, but we can overcome or avoid it by a balanced diet, supplements, and sensible sun exposure. Michael F. Holick, M.D., Ph.D., is a Vitamin D researcher and author … Read more.

The importance of Vitamin E

The body uses vitamin E for a wide variety of different functions. It is a powerful antioxidant, which means that it can reduce damage that naturally occurs to your cells as a result of exposure to free radicals. Free radicals are chemicals found in the atmosphere that damage the DNA in your cells. This contributes to the aging process and … Read more.