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Archive for February, 2013:

Acupuncture May Be Antidote for Allergies

    For many individuals, acupuncture already provides natural pain relief for life’s aches. And now, new research suggests that those suffering from allergies may find relief with acupuncture as well. Traditional antihistamines are being passed over in favor of the ancient treatment in which specific points are targeted with tiny needles to yield symptom relief.    In a study published in the … Read more.

Health Care Reform May Boost Access to Naturopathy

    As the health care system changes and evolves, so does the mindset about health and seeking treatments as well as preventative measures. The area of naturopathic and complementary, alternative and integrative medicine (CAM) has been growing in leaps and bounds in widespread education and use. Naturopathy revolves around methods of care and health maintenance based on natural and science-based … Read more.

Diet and Cancer Prevention

    Everyone is familiar with the old adage “you are what you eat” and now more than ever, the importance of a quality diet and proper food choices are coming into the forefront of America’s focus. Between the American Cancer Society and the American Institute for Cancer Research, it is estimated that over 30 percent of cancers can be traced … Read more.

What is Sauna Therapy? How Can It Improve My Health?

Modern day diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and fatigue are prevalent and becoming more so in part because of the changes in our environment, exposure to toxicity, and a weakened immune system from chronic toxic insults.  Detoxification is vital for addressing the underlying weaknesses associated with these diseases, and one modality for detoxification is sweating. Sauna … Read more.

How Does a Mindful Practice Do Anything?

    When it comes to the human brain, we have a lot to learn. As the command center for every minute function of daily life, the importance of healthy brain functioning is undeniable. The current understanding of the brain suggests that the different areas of the brain are responsible for different functions. At one point in time, these ideas were … Read more.

Mediterranean Diet Good for Diabetes, Study Shows

    The benefits of the diet found in the Mediterranean region are becoming more and more recognized all around the world. With cuisine full of healthy fats such as olive oil as well as lean meats, the residents of this area of the world are much more likely to live healthy, disease-free lives than their American counterparts. Additionally, diets low in … Read more.

Sustainable Seafood: Which Fish is Safe to Eat?

Did you know that in North America, fish is one of the top sources of PCBs, and farmed salmon is the single greatest source? In fact, farmed salmon has four times more PCBs, dioxins, and other chlorinated contaminants than wild Alaskan salmon. A big reason for these high levels of toxicity is that farmed salmon are fed fish pellets that … Read more.

Chemicals in Green Tea and Red Wine May Help Halt Alzheimer’s

    Whether you’re a long-time tea drinker or have yet to sip your first cup, there’s some exciting new research that will make you want to boost your brewing. In a study recently published in the Journal of Biological chemistry, purified extracts of the chemicals EGCG and resveratrol (found in green tea and red wine, respectively) were used to target … Read more.