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Archive for January, 2013:

Is buying organic food worth the investment?

The simple answer is “Absolutely!” But you probably want to know why. Without going into all the extensive background information it would require to tell the whole story, this is the gist. Pesticides. We all know the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” right? Wrong. Apples are covered in organophosphate pesticides, which are used extensively on … Read more.

Detoxification: Not Just for Sick People Anymore

We are on the brink of a major health challenge. Never before has the human race been so bombarded by chemicals in their daily lives. Every day we are faced with hundreds of exposures to chemicals in our toothpastes, our water bottles, our dry-cleaned clothing, the pollution in the air around us, and pesticides used in our neighborhood, parks, and … Read more.

Owning Our Erotic Capital

In today’s post-feminist world, women own their strength and power in a myriad of ways. But for many, there is still a disconnect when the idea of a woman’s sexuality comes into play. There is a new – and controversial – idea that a strong, modern woman can use her sexuality for gain as “erotic capital.” Tied to self-esteem and personal … Read more.

PTSD Coping Advice from Expert, Robert Scaer

For those who are dealing with trauma or who are supporting a loved one in their life after trauma, it may seem like you have an endless list of questions. But in order to create the best possible opportunity for recovery, it is crucial that you know and understand the answers to some important questions. For example, is psychotropic medication … Read more.

Make 2013 a Happy, Healthy Year

This New Year, make sure you start out on the right foot for a healthy and happy 2013. No matter your goals, there are some great tips for kicking things off right. First and foremost, if you are a smoker, make this the year you quit! Nothing else will have as positive of an impact as cutting out this habit. This … Read more.

Carbohydrates: Bad for the Aging Brain

If you’re worried about cognitive impairment as you age, keep your carbohydrate intake in check. In a recent study by the Mayo Clinic, men and women ages 70 to 89 reported their diets for a year and were evaluated in terms of cognitive abilities. Those who showed no signs of impairment were tested again four years later, and 200 of … Read more.

What’s Really Triggering Your Allergy?

When investigating food sensitivity and allergies, a surprising outer variable can significantly impact the results of MRT blood tests. Sensitivities and allergies don’t just have to come from things being ingested but can actually be triggered through the skin from lotions, cosmetics, and other substances that come into contact with skin. Reactions to these triggers can seem like an allergy … Read more.

Silencing the Inner Perfectionist

When life gets busier and filled with more and more exciting opportunities, for some this can mean starting to focus more on the smallest of details. This can even continue towards perfectionism, becoming a drain on everyday life. But you have the power to tell your inner perfectionist to quiet down, instead of letting it take control of your life. … Read more.