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Archive for November, 2012:

Deal With Diarrhea, Naturally

Whether due to diet change, illness, or just a random occurrence, getting a bout of diarrhea is not at all pleasant. Instead of reaching for artificial methods to stop the flow, however, try a natural remedy to get your digestive system back on track. Since diarrhea is a way of ridding the body of irritants, your focus should be on … Read more.

How Your Surroundings Impact How You Eat

You may not always pay attention to your surroundings when you eat, but they can have a drastic impact on how you eat and even how much you eat. In a study done at the Georgia Institute of Technology diners who ate fast food in a fine dining setting ate less and more slowly than diners in the typical fast … Read more.

Healthy Digestive System, Healthy You

When you aren’t feeling well you don’t always think of your digestive system first, especially if the problem is not directly related to digestion. For optimal health, however, understanding and appreciating the role of the entire digestive system is necessary. There are six distinct phases of the human digestive system through which all dietary nutrients are digested and absorbed, eventually … Read more.

Peas May Be a Superfood

According to new research, there are a lot of great reasons to keep a place for peas in your diet. Besides being somewhat sweet and starchy, peas are host to a variety of phytonutrients. One phytonutrient in particular, coumestrol, has been shown to play a role in reducing the risk of stomach cancer when consumed regularly. Peas can also protect … Read more.

Fighting Bedbugs with Fungus

Between travelling all over the globe, changes in lodging management, and insecticide resistance, bedbugs have crept their way up in America to becoming a new and more mainstream issue. They feed on blood and hide in the tiniest of spaces, and getting rid of them can be difficult and costly. However, a new, natural fungus may provide the answer. Researchers … Read more.

Don’t Get Duped by Deceptive Branding

When trying to shop for healthy food products and eco-friendly product options, even the best intentions can be undermined by brand names created by food manufacturers. Despite deceptive or confusing trademarks being prohibited by trademark law, many brands can escape notice since there is no nutritional analysis required for trademark approval. While deceptively named products touted as healthy can be … Read more.

5 Things that Harm Our Health

Without realizing it, we do things that harm our health every day. Here are some of the top five things: 1. Too Little Sleep The more I talk to patients the more I see that they (we) are short-cutting our sleep in order to meet the demands of our days.  We “finish” up with work at night, catch up on … Read more.

Taking a Closer Look at Supplements

Now more than ever people are looking to take care of their bodies in a more natural way, and the booming dietary supplement business reflects that movement. However, with the industry growth there is also reason for concern as many supplements have come under scrutiny by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Many supplements, especially in the segments … Read more.