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Archive for August, 2012:

Anxiety and the Second Brain

With kids back in school and parents getting into the swing of fall schedules, the topic of Anxiety has been coming up a lot. Since 1980, there has been a 1200% increase in anxiety, with 17 million people diagnosed in the US. We hear ourselves and each other saying over and over, all day long, “I am so stressed.”  At Holistica Integrative … Read more.

Is Vitamin D the new weight loss vitamin? by Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND

For years, we have been testing our patients’ Vitamin D levels and finding an astonishing level of deficiency.  The observed laboratory range is 30-100 ng/mL.  Even in the state of Colorado, where the sun shines at least 300 days a year, we find that quite a few patients are either below or very close to 30 ng/mL.  The optimal range … Read more.

Parboiled Rice vs. Raw Rice

Nutritionist Elizabeth Yarnell answers a reader’s question about parboiled brown rice. She writes, “Parboiled rice is rice that has been soaked in the husk, steamed, and dried before sale.” We see it in the grocery store as “instant” rice or “minute” rice. Parboiled rice cooks in one-third the time of raw rice, and the parboiling process helps retain many of … Read more.

Reflexology Proves Beneficial For Non-Cardiology Patients

The UK’s University of Stirling has released study results showing that reflexology, while safe for both cardiology and non-cardiology patients, is more effective on the latter. Reflexologists believe parts of the hands and feet have a correlation with organs in the body. With the application of appropriate pressure on the hand or foot, blood flow is supposedly increased to this … Read more.

Your Children and the Risk of Thyroid Disease

Children as well as adults are at risk for thyroid disease, and some types have a genetic aspect, including autoimmune thyroid condition. The disease may present during childhood, but is more likely to strike girls during puberty. Other risk points for children include congenital hypothyroidism at birth, thyroid problems resulting from radiation exposure, and fetuses and newborns whose mothers suffer … Read more.

Is That Shrimp Safe To Eat?

Maybe not. Elizabeth Yarnell writes that most shrimp are farm-raised and imported from Southeast Asia; only a small amount of the shrimp available in the U.S. are farm-raised on the Gulf Coast. Federal authorities say our shrimp is “safe,” but only 2% of shrimp are actually inspected. What do other agencies find upon inspection? Things like antibiotics, carcinogens, rodent hair, … Read more.

Greater Than 800IU of Vitamin D in 65+ Population Reduces Bone Fractures

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a study showing that people over 65 who took more than 800IU of Vitamin D daily experienced a 30% reduction in hip and 14% reduction in non-vertebral fractures. Studies on fractures and Vitamin D supplements have been inconsistent; however, researchers say this one is different because it focused on the biology of … Read more.

10 Creative Ways to Remember to Take Your Thyroid Pill

If you’ve ever forgotten to take your thyroid medication, you probably learned how important it is to remember. Mary Shomom offers some tips to help remind you. Put “take medication” in your datebook or electronic calendar as a daily appointment. Add the reminder to your screen saver. Store medication by your alarm clock. Write yourself a note for your bathroom … Read more.