Get Adobe Flash player Welcome to Holistica Integrative Care, an integrative clinic that creates the perfect partnership between you and your healthcare providers. At Holistica we take the time to understand and address your unique needs, and we are passionate about helping our patients get the full range of care that they need to thrive. Most patients who come to Holistica have been on a long journey, often seeing numerous providers and specialists who have been unable to find the underlying cause of their illness or disease. Your naturopathic doctor can combine the best conventional medicine with the most advanced alternative wisdom to provide a focused experience that brings you results. Get Adobe Flash player Providers at Holistica spend an hour to an hour and a half with their patients on the first visit to get a deeper understanding of their past medical history, current symptoms, and future health goals. Achieving optimal health is a journey not a destination and requires a collaborative relationship between practitioner and patient. Holistica’s integrative naturopathic doctors and practitioners work diligently to help you reach your goals and are committed to your success.


Boulder Naturopath, Alternative Medicine & Holistic Medical Center


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Holistica Integrative Care
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